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 Domain Name Registrations 

Transferring Domains

The process to transfer a domain to us is pretty simple. First you need to unlock the domain at your current registrar, termed the losing registrar. Then ask the losing registar for a transfer away authorization code, also termed an EPP code. From there, use one of our links below to purchase and initiate the transfer. (Here are specific instructions for transferring from Godaddy.com.)

Transfer a Single Domain

Bulk Domain Transfers

Transferring a domain cost $9 for .com, .org, .net, biz, .name, and .info domains, $8 for .us domains, and $19 for .ca domains. Transferring adds one year to your domain's current expiration date, so you don't lose any time you have already paid for by transferring today.

With each domain registration we offer:
Free Domain Privacy Protection to protect your identity
Free domain forwarding or masking (not necessary if you are using us for hosting)
Free DNS service (Use DNS: ns1.pjldomains.com, ns2.pjldomains.com, ns3.pjldomains.com, and ns4.pjldomains.com)

Our DNS for One Plan Hosting are: ns1.pjlhosting.com and ns1.pjlhosting.com.  If you would like to use us for hosting, you can either point your DNS to our hosting servers before you initiate your transfer or after the transfer has completed.  If you are currently hosted with another host, you can sign up for One Plan Hosting and set up your email accounts and upload your website before pointing your domain to our DNS to avoid or minimize down time between transfers.



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