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Accessing Cpanel (1)

Accessing your website's control panel to administer it

Domain Name Servers (1)

Where should your domain be pointed?

FTP (1)

How to use FTP to upload your website

Setting up Email (1)

Instructions on creating email addresses, using webmail or an email client

Website Builder (1)

Need a website builder license?

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 Accessing Cpanel

In Cpanel you can create your email accounts and control your users, view your website traffic,...

 Which Domain Name Servers (DNS) to Use

If you are a One Plan Hosting client, point your DNS to ns1.pjlhosting.com and...

 Creating and Checking Email Accounts

To create email accounts, log into Cpanel at www.yourdomain.com/cpanel.  Then click "email...

 Website Builder

If you would like a free license to website builder, please email us at support@pjlhosting.com...

 Using an FTP client

You will need an FTP client to upload your website. If you don't have an FTP client, there are...