Using an FTP client

You will need an FTP client to upload your website. If you don't have an FTP client, there are many free ones available.  For example, FileZilla Free FTP or AceFTP Freeware.

After you download and install your FTP client, you need to set up your FTP client so that it knows how to connect to the server.  See the table below for FTP settings.  Once connected, upload to /public_html, the web folder for HTML.  For example, if you put a file named site.html in /public_html/, this file would display when a visitor visits in a browser.  By default, visiting will display a index.html or index.htm file, unless it is missing.

If you prefer, you may also upload files to the appropriate folder via your Cpanel Control Panel.

FTP Settings

Username: As assigned in your original instruction sheet
Password: *********
  • Email, SSL
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