Which Domain Name Servers (DNS) to Use

If you are a One Plan Hosting client, point your DNS to ns1.pjlhosting.com and ns2.pjlhosting.com.  You will have the ability as a One Plan Hosting client to modify DNS records through Cpanel.

If you have your domain registered through us but you are not using us for hosting and you want the ability to create or manage your own DNS records, you can use the following DNS: ns1.pjldomains.com, ns2.pjldomains.com, ns3.pjldomains.com, and ns4.pjldomains.com.  You have the ability to manage your own DNS records from your member interface, just go to "my domains" and click "view details" for a particular domain.  Then scroll down the page and click "DNS management."  Here you can manage A records, Cname records, and MX records.  If you'd like to set up domain forwarding or masking, please let us know what URL address you'd like to forward or mask by emailing us at support@pjlhosting.com or opening a support ticket and we'll set that up for you.

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